Halabja Telecom Services Company “HTS”

Halabja Telecom Services Company “HTS”

Networks should always be available

Telecommunications has been significantly progressed and developed since it is new in our country. Initial decision to step into that particular world requires to be financially well prepared in addition to human resources in a way to be adjusted with the requirements in a modern manner.
Currently HTS stands as one of the active and remarkable company in this area delivering variety of services to the Telecom and Internet providing companies around.
There are some factors in support of strengthening the foundation of the company day after day resulted in getting its position fixed and expanded in this area such as: training, staff professional development, get benefit from information and experiences of other countries, use of modern system, devices, labs and recent technology.
On the basis of the company banner (Networks should always be available) the tasks and activities of the company consists of: providing fuel, renovation, constant planned repair and maintenance in the aspects of Telecom, Mechanics, Power, civil and Air Conditioning.
All these services are availed 24 hours throughout the days within the year.

The ability of business not only relied on extending services, but it has been stepping into making contract for telecom site construction, installation of towers, setting cabins, generators, conducting civil and electrical works besides other different activities.
Company activities in these areas became effective cause for providing and getting the needed materials easily in hand as well as not only establishing relationship, but making contract with famous international companies and factories for allocating the high quality materials in the field of Mechanical, Power, Tower…etc.
All the above mentioned points and several years of experience are factors enabling the company to work in the area of Telecom Consultancy and Power in addition to supervise setting short and long term plan for the strategic projects.
Right now the company scope of work spread in part of Iraq particularly in the provinces of Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk and Diala. The company accommodated around 400 headcounts in different level and positions.
Among the remarkable projects that the company has been working on since beginning till now are: improvement and maintenance of Korek Telecom Sites by a long term contract, construction of Korek Telecom expansion planned sites, setting 3G system belonging to Ericsson Company and some other projects.
Iraq – Sulaymaniyah / Malik Mahmud Str. Chwarchra Quarter, Halabja Group Building
Contact: +964(0)750 110 1234

Number of headcount: 398
Founded:  2012


Address: Iraq – Sulaymaniyah / Malik Mahmud Str. Chwarchra Quarter, Halabja Group Building
Contact: +964(0)750 110 1234
Number of headcount: 398
Founded:  2012

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