Bayan Company for Real Estate Investment/Ltd

Bayan Company for Real Estate Investment/Ltd

Bayan company is one of the companies under Halabja Group umbrella, founded in 2011 for construction.
The objective of establishing this company from the beginning has been implementing the unique construction projects which are at a high level of specialty and well planned for implementation.
This aim became an initial factor to found with a group of qualified and specialized engineers in the field of construction for being in a position to implement giant and complicated projects.
Construction and finishing three stages of Garden City Residential project, existing of 18 apartments, in both Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk provinces is our proficient evidence within the work scope and a tool to achieve our high career objectives.

Garden City Residential Project

Garden City Residential Project
 I was looking for a residential project in the area to have a reliable atmosphere and green environment for the residents, but I did not find. So, I decided to do myself    Aso Bamoki
In one of the best and beautiful place of the city, wide greenery, high level of services delivery to the residents, creating a life within nature and environment, providing majority of needs to the individuals and families: this is Garden City.
The idea of this project in both Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah provinces is to furnish a tranquil atmosphere, healthy environment, clean nature along with prior consideration of needs and requirement of individuals and families life in a way that all the residents despite their ages can find a suitable center for living.
In addition to all these specifications, there are many other services available such as supper market, play ground, private place for car services, laudry and some others. It is already planned In the forsseable future to bring some other services to the project like kinder garten, child care, swiming pool, clinics, pizzeria and other projects.
Out of the broad planning of the project, the first three stages of Garden City in Sulaymaniyah (A, B, C) has been completed on the area of 138,667 sqm inwhich 34% of the current area is greenery. This made Garden City to stay at the top list of other projects around in terms of green area occupation.
Providing these specifications started at the beginning of establishing the project through working on the high principle of international standards in the process of designing. Planning, implementation and compeltion, which resulted in keeping the position of Garden City at the top and as a model for the residential projects not only in both Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk, but within the area too.
In Garden City we opened a more suitable door for life.

Address (Sulaymaniyah project): Iraq – Sulaymaniyah / Malik Mahmud Str. Kurdsat Quarter
Address (Kirkuk project): Iraq – Kirkuk / Main Road of Kirkuk - Sulaymaniyah
Tel: +964(0) 750 114 2888

        +964(0) 750 114 1888
Headcounts: 71
Founded: 2010
Area: 181 Donums (452,500 sqm)


Address:  (Sulaymaniyah project):Iraq – Sulaymaniyah / Malik Mahmud Str. Kurdsat Quarter
Address:  (Kirkuk project):Iraq – Kirkuk / Main Road of Kirkuk - Sulaymaniyah
Tel:  +964(0) 750 114 2888

         +964(0) 750 114 1888
Headcounts: 71
Founded:  2010
Area:  181 Donums (452,500 sqm)

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