Aso Factory for Brick Production

Aso Factory for Brick Production

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Aso factory for bricks production is one of the strategic compnay of Halabja Group. It has been established on 210,000 square meters piece of land at a strategic place close to Chamchamal district in Sulaymaniyah.
The major cause of this project idea was to establish a factory for producing red brick based on international standard specially in a circumstances that the area was undergoing reconstruction operation.
By using modern and advanced technology we were enable to put this idea into practice in such away that its quality in terms of bearable with different weather condition in the country made the factory placed at a high level and reputable in both Kurdistan and Iraq.
Besides being pacemaker in the innovation and production of variety of bricks to meet the requirement of buildings and apartments, we are a model in the environment protection  as well. The factory vision for protecting environment in using raw materials, method of production, amount of consumed energy could be found in the production and geographical place of the factory (special mixture for completing closer step from the environment).
The daily production volume of the factory is at a level to cover the needs of local and outside Kurdistan as well as enable to supply bricks to the majority of the provinces market inside the country.
At the same time it is in the maproad of the factory in the forseeable future to enrich producing variety of bricks and put a special type of brick for the sholder of the streets and yards into the market.

Address:   Iraq – Sulaymaniyah / Takya
Tel :    +964(0) 750 108 0001

            +964(0) 750 108 0002
Headcounts: 209
Founded: 2005
Area: 210,00 sqm
Production capacity:  1,200 Tons/day


Address: Iraq – Sulaymaniyah / Takya
Tel : +964(0) 750 108 0001
         +964(0) 750 108 0002
Headcounts: 209
Founded: 2005
Area: 210,00 sqm
Production capacity: 1,200 Tons/day

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