Aran Factory for Asphalt Production / Ltd

Aran Factory for Asphalt Production / Ltd

Aran company for asphalt production has been one of the early companies of asphalt production, most of its production relies on contemporary technology. It has been established on 137,000 sqm piece of land; for importing its equipment it depended on the advanced technology sources of specialized countries having long history and echoed reputation in the world.
Constant renewing and improvement in all the factory units were causes for reaching a high standard level of asphalt production capacity.
In addition, there are some other modern and powerful equipment in the factory for producing basic and raw material used in asphalt output.
Moreover, some of the materials used in different layers of asphalting process are produced in the factory itself by special equipment.
In other words, Aran factory is a completed unit in production and supply chain of material used in different stages of asphalting; this made the company implement a number of famous projects and asphalting city streets as well as highway roads in the region resulted in being famous in this area.

Address:   Iraq – Sulaymaniyah - Qaragol
Tel:  +964(0) 750 112 5511
Headcounts:  10
Founded:  2007
Area of factory: 137,000 sqm


Address: Iraq – Sulaymaniyah - Qaragol
Tel: +964(0) 750 112 5511
Headcounts: 10
Founded: 2007
Area of factory: 137,000 sqm

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