Chairman Message

In light of the principal of (for the sake of human beings and creating better environment as well as active participation in the living process) our enterprise journey began. Beginning of our works belongs to eighties of the last century.
Besides studying in college of education- mathematic branch, we had been taking care of iron trading; since then we have prolonged efforts in guide of development and production. We began with capital investment and growing job opportunity in participation of establishing a sturdy economic infrastructure. We attempted to be a part of the process of our country reconstruction through transforming the planned and crystalized ideas into practice.
Under the name of Halabja in 1992 we started our economic activities and trading.
Fortunately; with the efforts of our resources and teamwork of all, we could further step forward resulted in establishing the Halabja Group of Companies.
Our operating areas not only covered Kurdistan region, but spread to other parts of Iraq as well as other countries.
Halabja Group of Companies contains variety of businesses, factories and projects; that is made from non-stop working efforts during the past years. It is currently an image and a commercial brand, and considered as one of the top corporations inside Kurdistan region and all over Iraq.
Since the beginning of its establishment, we have got insisted on development and getting all the areas belonging to the company progressed. Throughout our working history, we believe that the key success of our group is our employee satisfaction, confidence of people and customer of our products. This has been our start point and foundation of our works in a way the name of Halabja Group has emerged as symbol of our country reconstruction, and a major factor to get our customers and partners assured and optimized.
Our vision towards future is to continue struggling for fulfilling our duties with energy and modern trading intuition in addition to up to date system; and to heed more capital investment, environment protection, keep excessive level of our items and products, take care of living circumstance of our customers and consumers, operating and resorting to new technology, support the hidden local energies and abilities.
Getting skilled labors hired and increasing job opportunity through practicing our work culture are at the top of our priorities and interests.
To achieve all these objectives, we placed all our efforts at the service of each area in support of serving our country and people.

Aso Mohammed Bamoki
Chairman of Halabja Group

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